General Manager 

Home Base

Santiago and Puerto Plata



Expected Graduation


Favorite Class

English Composition

Ruben was studying marketing at a university in his native Dominican Republic when he finally gave in to his love of aviation. “I decided to stop the marketing degree and started pursuing a private pilot’s license.”

He was soon working at JetBlue in airport operations and now leads JetBlue’s operations at Santiago and Puerto Plata. 
When Ruben heard about JetBlue Scholars, he was eager to join.

“In my position, I think it’s imperative to hold a degree.” 

He had considered resuming his studies in the past, but as a single dad with a full-time job, the cost and time commitment was too great.

Ruben met with a JetBlue Scholars success coach to review his transcripts, and found that he already had 35 credits from previous coursework. He decided to go for a degree in Business Administration and his coach assigned him several online courses with JetBlue Scholars partners. 

First, he took English Composition with Sophia. 

“Sophia is pretty good! Sometimes I needed an extension or help logging on and they were always there to help. I can see they are committed to what they do.”

Now, Ruben is on to his next course: Psychology—also with Sophia. So far, he likes the flexibility and time-savings of taking courses online. 

“I’m able to study on my own pace. Whenever I find free time, I can dedicate it to my studies instead of finding a babysitter and going to the campus. I had to drop two subjects because I wasn’t able to go everyday due to the nature of my work.”

Ruben’s goal is to continue courses online through JetBlue Scholars and graduate before 2018.