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Social Psychology

After high school, Aaron entered the Air National Guard where he played in the band. He started college at the same time, and later earned a Reserve Officers Training Course (ROTC) scholarship for his junior and senior years.

Soon, Aaron was a handful of credits away from graduating with a bachelor’s in Spanish. 

“I was close to finishing, but then I sort of lost myself. I thought I would get back sooner, but life got in the way.” 

As he pursued a career in theatre and TV, Aaron met his partner and moved to New York. In 2000, he accepted a job with JetBlue. He started thinking about going back to school, and then heard about JetBlue Scholars.

“For me, it is sense of completion. It’s something that I started and was very close to finishing. I want the sense of completion.”
Aaron enrolled in JetBlue Scholars. His success coach reviewed his transcripts and found he was just a few online courses shy of a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State University (TESU).

Aaron’s success coaches set him up with several online courses, with JetBlue covering the cost. He has completed several psychology classes with Study.com, a JetBlue Scholars partner. “It fits in so easily to my schedule. I spend an hour or a half hour a day, do one or two lessons sometimes. You chip away at it slowly but surely and you learn and finish your education.”

Once he completes his current Study.com course, Aaron’s success coach will help him transfer all of his credits to Thomas Edison State University. There, he will take his final capstone course online, with a scholarship from JetBlue to cover the cost.